Glass treatment


Mechanical process of glass edges polishing. To achieve top quality grinding, glass passes through a system of diamond grinding wheels of different sizes.


It means cutting, drilling, grinding and engraving. This type of treatment enables creation of demanding and irregular shapes.


Full or partial coloring of glass using the color which during the tempering connects to glass.


Process of mutual merger of two or more pieces of glass using the foil placed between them. At high temperatures the foil merges pieces of glass into one unique piece. Numerous combinations are allowing formation of glass with multiple protection layers and for different use.


Technique of surface and mechanical processing of glass in which high pressure makes spouting of fine sand and thus removes polished face of glass. This kind of glass is widely used in interior and exterior design and it is a great choice when rearranging the space.


Thermal processing of glass to improve its strength, mechanical properties and safety. Process takes place in separate facility and controlled conditions. Tempering makes glass more flexible, more resistant to temperature changes and shockproof. In case of rupture, glass is breaking in thousand of tiny pieces, so there is no risk of injury.


A program that is used for decorative purposes, as in the facade and canopies glazing, as well as in interior design. Variety of colors and patterns, each glass surface gives up its visual identity.