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In this day and age modern interior furnishing is almost impossible to imagine without glass. The advance of technology has transformed this fragile piece of material into a solid, safe, and quality choice for design. With its transparency, enhanced characteristics, processing possibilites, design and coloring, glass is rightfulfy among the leading materials in today’s interior design and decoration.

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Insulating glass


The largest area of each window is glass, and therefore it is important to select an appropriate combination of insulated glass that meets the needs of the space. With light transmission, an important feature insulated glass is thermal insulation, which can be achieved by using low-emissive (Low-E) glass and inert gases in between. Glazing windows with low-emissivity glass should become the standard, because they can save 60-70% of heat is lost through the glass.

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Our Story


Investing in technology and people, from a small craft shop we have developed into stable company which has been operating successfully since 1989.


Because of extremely challenging market and high competition, constant investments are our imperative. We are among the first companies on Croatian market that has started mass production of insulated glass in combination with LOW-e glass.


Quality is what the customer remembers the most. After the deal is closed and realized, deadline is no longer important and the price is forgotten, only thing remaining is satisfaction with our quality. Therefore, quality products, needs and desires of customers are our main priority.


We hope to be your partner in upbuilding of your perfect glass world.

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